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Appleton North High School Pay It Forward Tour

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Story Time With Akhi: Writing Strategically

Akhi breaks down a few types of writing

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New to STLF? There are four first-time leadership opportunities available to you!

Come to Spring Conference

Come join us in the next step post tour by letting your Chapter Core know you want to come to one of the two Spring Conferences we will be having this year. They are happening the weekends of April 4-5! It's a time to join old friends, meet some new friends, and learn about what else can be done within STLF! You can find more information at go.stlf.net/springconference

Let your Chapter Core know you want to come before Tuesday, April 1st! Email Nick Wiebusch at nick.wiebusch@stlf.net with any questions. :)

Lead a Pay it Forward Tour

You can lead Pay it Forward Tours on the college, high school, and middle school levels.  Colleges organize a separate process specific to their campus, while the National Office organizes high school and middle school leaders. Click here to complete a short survey, to show your interest in leading a High School or Middle School Tour.

Click here to see the list of upcoming tours to lead.  Email STLF staff member Nick Wiebusch at nick.wiebusch@stlf.net with any questions.

Start a Pay it Forward Tour

Do you want the Pay it Forward Tour at a specific college, high school, or middle school?  We always want to know if people want us in their community.  To request a tour click here and fill out this form!

Work at Camp as Crew

One of STLF's most intensive leadership experiences is being Camp Crew for one of STLF's summer Leadership Camps.  Click here to apply!


Know someone we should know about? There's two ways to get them involved!

Nominate a Leader

Know someone who would be an awesome leader? Nominate them here!

Recruit High School Students for Camp

Do you know someone in high school?  Do you want them to experience STLF?  We run two types of camps in the summer, one for those entering 9th - 12th grades, and another for graduating seniors entering college.  Click here to learn more about these camps!


Already done those? Then there's something for you too!

Apply for Regional Core

RCs help plan Celebration Cities, support Bus Core, and help run the Celebration City once participants arrive. Regional Core are a leadership position held with the National Office and must have been Bus Core previously. Applications are sent out after tours so look for them then!

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My Story - Kindra Petersen

Kindra went on tour with 37 strangers and gained friendships she refuses to let go of!

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