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Minnetonka Middle School EAST Tour

Minnetonka Middle School EAST is coming up from April 9 - 11

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National "Make Up A Holiday" Day

Programs Fellow Will makes up a National Holiday for March 26th.

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College Pay It Forward Tour

Are you looking for a spring break adventure that you will never forget? The Pay It Forward Tour is a great opportunity to see the country, serve, and spend time with a group of incredible people. This year, students on twenty-nine campuses are planning and preparing for Pay It Forward Tours from their schools over their spring break.  Close to 2,000 college students will serve in 250 communities on a Tour.  Students from any school can sign up for any trip. Get Excited!

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What is a typical day on the College Tour?

College Pay It Forward Tours are 9 days-long, with service projects in 6 cities.  Buses leave from one campus and travel to 5 different cities—a different city and service project each day.  The last city is the celebration city, or the Tour’s end destination.  For weeks with multiple Tours, the celebration city is the first time the buses unite.  It is amazing to see hundreds of young people in the same color shirt doing one massive, joint service project.  A standard day includes:

  • Service Project in the Morning
  • Lunch with the Community Served
  • Bus Travel in the Afternoon to Next City
  • Potential Tourism in City
  • Evening Activities and Reflection
  • Spend the Night (with the exception of the celebration city which are spent in a hotel, participants sleep in gyms, community centers, churches, etc)
Wondering what to pack? Click here for the suggested packing list

What is the Cost of the Tour?

The standard cost of the Tour is $495 (Note: Check with STLF leaders at your school to confirm the cost, as a few schools may have different rates). This cost includes all transportation, lodging, t-shirts, some entertainment, and some meals.
There is a $125 non-refundable down payment in order to reserve your spot on the tour.

A limited portion of financial aid is available for students who can not afford the full cost of the Tour. To inquire about need-based financial aid, please contact us at financialaid@stlf.net.

How do I sign up or learn more?

Search on our "find a tour" function, or browse through our tour lists to find a tour near you.  Also, feel free to Contact Us with any questions or comments.  Thank you!


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