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Get Involved/High School Camp

High School Leadership Camp 2016

Sunday, June 19 - Friday, June 24

Green Lake, WI

"My daughter just recently participated in the STLF camp and I received nothing but wonderful feedback.  My daughter stated that she had never been in a place where she felt so much acceptance and positive energy!  Her happiness from this experience brought tears to my eyes.  I just wanted to thank you and your team for offering such a wonderful and life changing experience to my daughter." ~ Camp Parent

High School Leadership Camp - For Students Entering Grades 9-12.

STLF's High School Leadership Camp is an intensive six day experience, filled with team-building activities, challenging workshops, lasting memories, and a commitment to positive change. The camp is open to all students entering grades 9-12.

Regardless of prior leadership experience, background, or location, this experience is one you would not regret.

A Next Step Leadership Experience...

If you enjoyed your experience on the Pay It Forward Tour, you will love your experience at the Camp. While the Pay It Forward Tour is more focused on travel and service, the High School Leadership Camp brings together students from all walks of life to focus on skills in leadership, organizing, teamwork, and much more.  STLF's High School Leadership Camp is an experience that provides an excellent complement to the Pay It Forward Tour. 

It is a next step in leadership and in working together with new friends to create a lasting impact for your school, community, and in the lives of your peers.

Camp Schedule

Camp is a highly structured and intentional experience.  From the moment students wake up to the moment they go to bed, STLF schedules fun and enriching activities.  Every day at camp, students participate in dozens of activities designed to reveal leadership through team building, critical thinking, positive relationships and self reflection.  Every day has a different theme (Welcome, Teamwork, Service, Communication, Commitment) and each day's activities coorilates to those lessons.  

Camp Crew Comprised of Dynamic Group of STLF College Leaders.

The High School Leadership Camp is led and staffed by some of the most talented and outstanding college leaders in STLF.  These incredible young people provide participants at Camp support, mentorship, and a positive example.  The Camp Crew is there to create the environment at Camp for the high school students to ultimately lead the program as the week goes on.  

Camp is Open to Students from Any High School.

Like all STLF programs, the High School Leadership Camp is open to students from any school.  The majority of students in the past have come from across the Midwest - from the city of Chicago to small-town North Dakota - but all are welcome. 

While we understand travel to and from camp can sometimes be a limitation, we will do our best to arrange carpools and transportation depending on where you live.

Cost and Financial Aid.

ANNOUCED SOON:  Includes all housing, meals, t-shirt leadership programming and a life changing leadership opportunity you'll never forget!



STLF is committed to increasing access to its programs to all students, regardless of their background or ability to pay, so we do offer students an opportunity to apply for need-based financial aid.  Contact us at financialaid@stlf.net to receive a financial aid application.

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