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Bismarck High School Pay It Forward Tour

The Bismarck High School Pay It Forward Tour will have students from Bismarck High School. The Pay It Forward Tour will take place from October 15-19 destined for Billings, MT and visit Dickinson, ND, Glendive, MT, & Colstrip, MT.

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STLF's Engagement Photo Album

STLF National took some ENGAGEment photos to get the word out about this year's Give to the Max Day Dream

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Everyone has a story to tell. Here is a collection of stories related to STLF submitted by students, parents, supporters, partners, and more. Explore the stories, post comments, and submit one of your own to be posted soon! Thanks for reading!

My Story - Sheila Lindgren

Posted on 24-Nov-12 13:03. Comments (0)

"I am a parent of my daughters who just got back from the STLF Pay It Forward Tour. I just want to say, from a parents perspective, that this is an amazing experience for them."

My Story - Darci, Parent

Posted on 06-Mar-12 17:02. Comments (0)

"I have never seen such a genuine smile on my son's face, nor seen such immense internal happiness beaming through him. I waited to send this note to see if it was a temporary gift, but it is sticking! The impact is real!"

My Story - Dawn Waarich

Posted on 12-Apr-11 12:28. Comments (0)

I looked at my husband and gave him one of my “are we nuts?” looks as we agreed to let her go...

Over the next few years my daughter would help recruit, market and advocate Pay It Forward tours at her school....

As a parent, I have witnessed the growth and self-confidence these Tours have helped build and the friendships that may never have happened.

My Story - ISU Mystery

Posted on 14-Mar-11 12:37. Comments (0)

In the age of social media, we are able to connect and share stories like never before. Abe Lopez from ISU shares his unique account of a Pay It Forward Tour through his Facebook status!

My Story - A Thankful Parent

Posted on 14-Dec-10 11:06. Comments (0)

"This trip has helped him immensely!! The confidence, courage, and strength he is developing is unbelieveable! He really feels as though he matters and is a valuable individual...he seems more mature and confident and ready to help make a difference in the world."


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My Story - Sarah Crissinger

Sarah, a student from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, shares her thoughts about her PIF Tour experience and some of her learnings from the trip. It's making us excited for this year's tours!!

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