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Everyone has a story to tell. Here is a collection of stories related to STLF submitted by students, parents, supporters, partners, and more. Explore the stories, post comments, and submit one of your own to be posted soon! Thanks for reading!

My Story - Amber Altstadt

Posted on 29-Aug-13 11:54. Comments (0)

Amber submitted this story a year ago to share STLF's impact in her life. Follow Amber from high school to undergrad through STLF and see how she has extended beyond STLF since!

My Story - Kjersti Fried

Posted on 30-Apr-13 15:21. Comments (0)

Kjersti shares why being a bus core leader is a different experience than being a participant. She shares her gratitude for seeing a diverse group of people being knit into a family.

My Story - Joe Powers

Posted on 15-Oct-12 13:23. Comments (0)

"As I go on to lead ISU mystery bus 1 this upcoming spring I am ecstatic to help fellow students overcome their struggles while revealing their leadership potential. I want nothing more than for every participant to have an amazing experience gaining insight into themselves and their potential."

My Story - Lo Cassidy

Posted on 11-Jun-12 11:36. Comments (0)

“The mission of STLF is to reveal leadership through service, action, and relationships”. That isn’t a mission; a mission implies a wish for something. Consider that statement a promise. A promise implies fact. I can promise, if you let it, STLF will change your life. I know it changed mine.

Our Story - Audrey and Tyler

Posted on 04-Jun-12 10:04. Comments (0)

STLF students Audrey (IL) and Tyler (MN) met each other at Leadership Camp during the summer of 2011 where they created a remarkable friendship.

My Story - Danielle, MSUM

Posted on 04-Apr-12 12:24. Comments (0)

"When I joined STLF this past fall as a freshman at MSUM, I was told by numerous people that going on the Pay It Forward tour would forever change my life. I knew it would probably be a humbling experience, but wasn't sure it would have that much of an impact on me."

My Story - Jack Baartman

Posted on 29-Mar-12 13:50. Comments (0)

"If you’re like me, you can probably trace a chain of major life events back to one single point. My point is that email. If I had overlooked it, my life would be completely different and almost assuredly not as great."

My Story - Ted Shibata

Posted on 27-Mar-12 11:31. Comments (0)

"It was at that moment, when we arrived back in Grand Forks that I realized I paid it forward. Not only to the communities we served but to anyone that felt the same way I did when I got off that bus four years ago. For anyone that is considering a bus core position, don't wait until your fifth tour."

My Story - Josh Hansen

Posted on 28-Nov-11 10:02. Comments (0)

"I believe that youth can change the world because those who came before me in STLF have completely changed my world. I'm merely paying it forward to those around me."

Alex Rongen

Posted on 02-Nov-11 14:46. Comments (0)

"Three has been a recurring number in my life. I was born on March third. I am one of three siblings. I have lived in three towns. I have three splendid best friends. And my life was changed on my third Pay-It-Forward Tour."

My Story - Tom Weinandy

Posted on 22-Aug-11 09:54. Comments (0)

Tom in high school was very shy, but now I look forward to speaking to groups of several hundred. Connecting with people to promote a shared mission, as I did in STLF, will remain at the center of what I do for the rest of my professional career.


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My Story - Kindra Petersen

Kindra went on tour with 37 strangers and gained friendships she refuses to let go of!

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