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The Breakthrough High School Pay It Forward Tour will have students from the Breakthrough Program in the Twin Cities. The Pay It Forward Tour will take place from October 14th-18th destined for Omaha, NE

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Everyone has a story to tell. Here is a collection of stories related to STLF submitted by students, parents, supporters, partners, and more. Explore the stories, post comments, and submit one of your own to be posted soon! Thanks for reading!

My Story - Amber Willingham

Posted on 23-Jun-15 11:17. Comments (0)

Brave Amber jumped on her first tour without knowing anyone, got hooked, and she hasn't looked back since!

My Story - Mady Roman

Posted on 02-Jun-15 12:24. Comments (0)

University of Wisconsin-River Falls student, Mady talks about breaking out of her shell.

My Story - Ciera Lucich

Posted on 21-Apr-15 14:15. Comments (0)

Ciera, a student from Illinois State University reflects on her STLF learnings, as graduation approaches.

My Story - Jennifer Chounlakone

Posted on 18-Mar-15 12:39. Comments (0)

Read Jennifer's story! Find about how STLF has influenced her through the years.

My Story - Vikram Venkatesan

Posted on 03-Mar-15 14:25. Comments (0)

Vikram discuses his finding himself through STLF and his continued involvement in this fantastic organization.

My Story - Aurea Malave

Posted on 02-Feb-15 10:20. Comments (0)

Aurea discuses her experiences with STLF at the Western Illinois University chapter

My Story - Sam Finch

Posted on 16-Dec-14 12:56. Comments (0)

Sam discusses her first time going on a Pay-It-Forward tour and everything she has learned from her wondrous experience with STLF.

My Story - Charu Ganesh

Posted on 10-Sep-14 09:37. Comments (0)

Charu, a student from Michigan State University shares her first PIF experience. She discusses, relationships, experience, peace, and harmony,

My Story - Sarah Crissinger

Posted on 07-Aug-14 11:22. Comments (0)

Sarah, a student from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, shares her thoughts about her PIF Tour experience and some of her learnings from the trip. It's making us excited for this year's tours!!

My Story - Jordie, ISU

Posted on 17-Jun-14 10:49. Comments (0)

"I honestly now believe that everyone is born with the capability to lead, they just need a push to find their abilities. I was able to find mine during this experience and vowed to keep signing up for leadership roles." - Jordie Arkels

My Story - Danny Grieve

Posted on 08-Apr-14 15:04. Comments (0)

Danny Grieve, a senior at Illinois State University shares some of his favorite STLF memories and encourages YOU to get move involved!

My Story - University of Wisconsin River Falls Bus Core

Posted on 12-Feb-14 10:28. Comments (0)

This year's bus core from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls shares their story of how they got to be where they are today.

My Story - Nicole Tokarski

Posted on 08-Jan-14 11:18. Comments (0)

Nicole shares proof where home is for her and how STLF was a college experience game-changer. Check out her story here!

My Story - Wenkai Ying

Posted on 09-Dec-13 12:39. Comments (0)

When Wenkai first arrived in the US, her goal was to finish school and return home. After participating on a PIF tour her freshman year, her perspectives changed and she started getting energized from being involved.

My Story - Dan "Sparky" Knapp

Posted on 30-Apr-13 14:50. Comments (0)

In this video My Story, Sparky shares his journey with a group of STLF college participants in a Celebration City! Check it out from the audience's perspective.

My Story - Ken Chong

Posted on 30-Apr-13 14:34. Comments (0)

"A person is a culmination of all the experiences they've ever had which are tied to all the experiences in the world...Sometimes we forget how connected we all are and instead get caught up in our own worlds."

My Story - Erin, UMTC

Posted on 05-Mar-12 09:51. Comments (0)

"I can't lie and say I'm not nervous about leading about 37 of my peers on a Tour. I'm hoping I can give them the same awesome experience I had last year..."

My Story - Kari, MSUM

Posted on 19-Jan-12 13:02. Comments (0)

I encourage others to get involved in Students Today Leaders Forever and pay it forward when they can! It's very rewarding! "[STLF] cannot do all the good the world needs, but the world needs all the good the [STLF] can do." -Kari Stenger

My Story - Leah Martin, UMTC

Posted on 08-Dec-11 09:46. Comments (0)

At home, every single day we go to class or work, living, collaborating, and interacting with other people and we make an impact on them. But more often than not we don't take a moment to appreciate how another person or group of people has impacted us. STLF not only builds and shows love, but it speaks it too.

My Story - Amir Elabbady

Posted on 19-Oct-11 09:22. Comments (0)

Seven months ago Amir returned from his first Pay It Forward Tour... since then, he has been a member of STLF Camp Crew, lead a HS Pay It Forward Tour, and is in the process of planning his very own College Pay It Forward Tour!

My Story - Ashley Harris

Posted on 19-Sep-11 11:09. Comments (0)

"I shared with this student what STLF taught me: change takes time, but each small step counts. I also reminded them that each time we try and change something for the good even if we fail we will always succeed at making ourselves a stronger and better person."

My Story - Kiana Williams

Posted on 29-Jun-11 14:57. Comments (0)

"I could honestly write about each and every student on the trip and explain their impact and growth because it was just that great of a time. But I chose to just highlight a few. Leading this tour confirmed for me that I want to be a high school social worker. These students were truly phenomenal people with wonderful ambitions and potential."

My Story - Chelsea Stone

Posted on 02-Jun-11 10:40. Comments (0)

"That's really the best way to change the world: love your peers. Develop relationships that improve each other's lives. Live a life of kindness. Demonstrate trust. By loving each other, we give each other opportunities for untold impact."

My Story - Zhaoqing Chen

Posted on 16-May-11 12:05. Comments (0)

"Yesterday, I packed my suitcase. Everything reminded me of other 43 family members. I can’t believe that just 9 days I can get so much from other person. 9 days, the 43 family member taught me how to care about others, how to express your love to people, how to face the problem directly."

My Story - Rachel Bossingham

Posted on 21-Apr-11 13:35. Comments (0)

STLF encouraged me to be a leader. It has allowed me to discover my strengths and use them to better our society. This organization has brought me life-long relationships that shape who I am. I’m so thankful for STLF. I don’t know where I would be today without this experience.


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My Story - Amber Willingham

Brave Amber jumped on her first tour without knowing anyone!

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