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My Story - Sandee, Memphis

Sandee Daniels, Volunteer Coordinator
Shelby Farms Park, Memphis, TN

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts at the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy, Clean Memphis, and Jacob's Ladder for choosing Memphis as your celebration city!Students Planting Trees at Shelby Farms in Memphis!
Your group was an inspiration to everyone they came in contact with.  I personally don't think my feet touched the ground after the students came off the bus. The adults who team led for our organizations were as complimentary as they could possibly be about the great attitude, exceptional work ethic, and cooperative demeanor your group displayed from the moment they arrived, until they left.
The students planted 140 trees during their visit, and these were not small trees by any measure.  Additionally, they painted the Park gates, kiosks, picked up several tons of trash and tires, and filled 212 large holes left by a fence removal a couple of years ago.  The amount of work they managed to wipe out in such a short period of time was only surpassed by their infectious cheers.
Please know that your group is always welcome with open arms and we hope you will be back next year!


More Info and Background:

Memphis was chosen as a Celebration City for 7 buses and about 240 students on the College Tour.  We worked with several organizations around the city, and helped to kick off an effort to plant 1 million trees at Shelby Farms Park Conservancy!  Thanks to Sandee and others for all their work to make this day possible!  Watch a video clip to learn more about their project!


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