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My Story - A Thankful Parent

A Thankful Parent


Thank you again for the financial aid for my son!  Below you will find a letter from me - his mother - as a thank you to you, Jenna, staff and others who help to orchestrate such a wonderful experience for so many individuals.  (He will be sending his own letter as well.)

To all who made it possible for my son to go on the recent Middle School Pay It Forward Trip:  Thank you!!!!!  As a mother, I am very appreciative that he was able to attend this worthwhile project/trip.  

Less than a year ago, he was being bullied in school.  He attempted to "fix" the situation himself, but it got to be more than he could handle.  At the hardest or lowest pioint in his life, the bullying was so bad, he confessed to me one night that he was considering "ending it all" and wondered how everyone would feel if he was "gone for good".  What a wakeup call for our family!!  We got several teachers, counselors, ministers and other individuals involved, and he is making fantastic progress.  There is still some bullying going on, howvever, he is and has developed management tools to address the situation.  

This trip has helped him immensely!!  The confidence, courage, and strength he is developing is unbelieveable!  He really feels as though he matters and is a valuable individual.  He also saw and heard about situations that were new to him and will be able to take that information with him into the future.

He seems more mature and confident and ready to help make a difference in the world.  This trip has hleped to "culture" him too.

He has seen first-hand that life is not "easy street" all the time.  His Dad and I are very greatful for this experience he has been given.

Thank you again and again and again!!!


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