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PMA, All the Way!

PMA, All the Way is one of STLF's 13 staples...defining characteristics of our organizational culture!

Author: Bill Breon, STLF

What is PMA?  Positive mental attitude has many facets and innumerable combinations for its application in connection with every circumstance which affects our lives.  Mental attitude is everything, because it influences our reaction to every experience we encounter, and it is under our complete control at all times

A positive mental attitude is the fixed purpose to make every experience, whether pleasant or unpleasant, yield some form of benefit.  Only a positive mental attitude can locate the learning or opportunity which comes with every failure, and turn that into something beneficial.  It is the means by which stumbling blocks may be transmuted into stepping stones of progress.  It is the habit of looking upon all adversity as trials to test your capacity to rise above them.  It is keeping a cool head when emergencies arise.

A positive mental attitude keeps the mind busily engaged in the pursuit of success.  It helps you to exercise the inherent right to maintain complete control over the mind.  Many people go all the way through life with their mental attitudes dominated by fears and anxieties over circumstances.  Later, those fearful and apprehensive people may blame other people for the misfortunes.  Yet it often is the fear and apprehension of an event which makes it happen.  The mind has a tendency to clothe your world in accordance to your thoughts.  Think in terms of success, and you will have plenty.  Think in terms of failure and you will witness the same.

A positive mental attitude enables you to look for the good qualities in other people and expect to find them, at the same time prepares you to recognize the frailties and weaknesses of other people without becoming disheartened or frustrated.  A positive mental attitude is the habit of going beyond the letter of your responsibility and giving more and serving better than you have to, and doing so in a warm and friendly manner.  Mental attitude reveals itself from one person to another, sometimes without spoken words, signs, or action.  It is contagious.  Actually, it's infectious.

A positive mental attitude is the habit of acting with clarity of purpose, with full belief in both the soundness of that purpose and your ability to achieve it, without hesitating because of either commendation or condemnation.  It is the habit of mastering all emotions by submitting them to reason and will.  A positive mental attitude evaluates all problems, distinguishing between those that can be mastered and those beyond control.  Positive mental attitude endeavors to solve problems within reach, and helps you to relate yourself to those they beyond influence so that they do not dictate your attitude.

Mental attitude is a dual reinforcing loop which can feed into success or failure.  The tragedy is that many people swing the gate in the wrong direction.  What does your mental attitude look like?  Is it an enthusiastic positive mental attitude that lends itself to success, accomplishment and overcoming?  Or do you view the world through a pessimistic and fearful lens, waiting for failure at every turn?

PMA All The Way!
PMA For The Win!

- Adapted from and inspired by "You Can Work Your Own Miracles" by Napoleon Hill


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