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The Pay It Forward Tours will take place from May 7-10th destined for Chicago, IL!

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Alumni Profile: Scarleth Lopez

Scarleth Lopez was a participant on Stephen F. Austin State University’s first ever Pay It Forward Tour.

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Back to Basics

By: Garrett Kubischta

I had a design professor in college who—in very crass terms—made it clear that one should limit the number of fonts in a piece of design. He would say that two or three is the max for long pieces, like booklets. And you should be able to get away with less for smaller pieces. It’s solid advice for an easy way to design things well, and I heard his voice screaming in my head when I sat down to look at the back of an STLF shirt.

If you’ll notice, there are a total of seven fonts on the current shirt backs!

Tour shirts are a big part of STLF’s culture. They act as a reminder of the memories and friends you make on Tour, the places you visit and serve, and are a badge of honor or a certificate of achievement to prove that you’ve been on a Tour. They’re important, and deserve to look the part.

Here’s the updated design:

The goal of the update was to create a design that was both inspired by the old design, but incorporated an updated, fresh, and easy-to-read design. The first change to happen was to move our logo to the top of the design, so everyone knows who STLF is. The number of fonts was cut from seven to two, and the dots that connected the cities to the dates are gone. They were hard to line up, and looked cluttered. Additionally, the old mission statement got swapped out for the new one, and got enlarged so everyone know what STLF is doing.

The last shirt back design served STLF, and will continue to bring fond memories to the STLFers who proudly wear their old t-shirts. I think the new design is a very suitable evolution, and I look forward to seeing generations of STLFers wear it proudly.

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My Story - Ayoola "Ay" Okuribido

STLF shaped Ay's college experience and prepared him future leadership skills

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