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Welcome to the STLF All-Star page, designed to recognize the leaders who have boldly led where no leaders have led before!  These individuals have spent the most time sharing their leadership and service with other students and service partners around the country.  Take a look through each, see if your name is on there, and honor the STLFers who are busy making an impact and changing the world.  Yeah buddy!

Click on each to learn more:

  • Current Students - Students currently enrolled at the high school or collegiate level
  • All Time - All leaders who have served with STLF since our first Tour in 2004
  • Hall of Leaders - Leaders who served on at least four College Tours
  • Grand Slam Club - Those versatile leaders who have participated in ALL four of STLF's programs, MS Tour, HS Tour, College Tour, and Camp

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My Story - Frankie Lill

Frankie tells heartfelt stories, provides insight into leadership, personal growth, and mature decisions.

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