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Tati Talks--Alumni Gatherings

No one should ever have to say, "this is my last experience with STLF." Find out what exciting opportunities we have for alumni!

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Core Site/Resources

Here you will find various resources and information related to STLF and helpful to its leadership.

You are able to download the STLF logo, letterhead and promotional pictures to use as needed. Additionally, STLF information is provided to help you speak about STLF to those you contact, whether it be a potential service or housing contact, the media or future participants. STLF videos that will help and entertain you as you lead. Regional Core contact information is also available to you.

See below for the following:

Formal Info:  Risk Management, Exemption, and More.

Risk Management

Overall Risk Management Plan
Forms Participants Complete
H1N1 Action Plan

Nonprofit Documents

501c3 Tax Exemption Form

STLF Branding:  Use in presentations, marketing materials, and other communications.

Logos - Color
Logos - Black and White
Logos - Charcoal
Letterhead - Color
Letterhead - Grayscale
Powerpoint Template - Basic Presentation

STLF Info: Know for history, consistent messaging/imaging, and more.

Language & Messaging
STLF Backgrounder-PDF
STLF Backgrounder-Web
Sample Press Release
Press Release - PIF 2012
Sample Donation THANK YOU - your follow up letter after someone donates

STLF Videos: For recruitment purposes, to share information with contacts and donors, or just for fun!

STLF YouTube Channel

General Leadership Resources

STLF Digital Library

Do you need something that's not here?  Do you think National can provide it?  Contact us, and we will try our best!

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My Story - Ciera Lucich

Ciera, a student from Illinois State University reflects on her STLF learnings, as graduation approaches.

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