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The Carlson School Plug In to Chicago

Plug In to Chicago Pay It Forward Tour will take place from August 22-26 destined for Chicago, IL!

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Events/The Carlson School Plug In to Chicago

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Tuesday 22, August 2017


Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
321 19th Ave S
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55455

Event Details

Pay It Forward Tour:

Departure: August 22, 2017 at 1:00 PM from Carlson School of Management
Arrival: August 26, 2017 at 5:00 PM at Carlson School of Management


Carlson School Pay It Forward Tour Information:

University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management Pay it Forward Tours are open to any incoming first year Carlson School Students. There are two programs to choose from, the Pay It Forward Tour (Plug In to Chicago) that will visit four cities over the course of five days. We will carry out a service project in each of the communities visited, work with a variety of organizations, and have several hours of tourism in each city. Through evening activities and reflection, this is an opportunity to build meaningful relationships and learn about issues affecting communities across the country and your own. As well as Plug In to the Twin Cities, a 3-day experience will stay in the Twin Cities engagin in social issues, service projects, team building, and a light-rail scavenger hunt. Each program consists of first year students and five to six upperclass Carlson School and University of Minnesota leaders with a Carlson School staff member.

Tour Route:

Pay It Forward Tour:

Minneapolis, MN, Madison, WI, Milwaukee, WI, Libertyville, IL, Chicago, IL, Minneapolis, MN 

There is an opportunity for students to get picked up in the Chicago Metro at the conclusion of the program prior to the return ride to Minneapolis.  This is a good option for out-of-state students from the Chicago Metro area who need to return home before campus move-in.

Cost and Financial Aid:

The cost of the Pay it Forward Tour is $150, and registration is all first come first served. 

A non-refundable $100 down payment is required to reserve your spot.  Don't miss out.  Sign up today!

There is a limited amount of strictly need-based financial aid available.  Please email financialaid@stlf.net to receive an application and learn more.

Parent/Guardian Information:

For more information and some common questions that you may have as a parent or guardian of a student coming on a Tour, please visit our For Parents page. 

Preparing for the Tour:

Here are some additional links with helpful information:

Contact Us With Any Questions:

If you have any questions or would like to talk in person with us about STLF and the Tour, please contact Shelby Couch at shelby@stlf.net OR at 612-276-2003

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The Carlson School Plug In to Chicago
Plug In to Chicago will take place from August 22-26 destined for Chicago, IL!
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